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Corporate Profile

Amber Energy Limited (“Amber Energy” or the “Group”, HKEx stock code: 00090) is a leading clean energy provider in Zhejiang province using natural gas fired. The Group entered the industry of natural gas-fired power generation in 2004 and is one of the pioneers tapping this section in mainland China. Through steady growth over the past years, the Group’s investment in power industry have reached a certain scale. The Group’s four power plants (including: Deneng Power Plant, Bluesky Power Plant, Jingxing Power Plant and Anji Power Plant) are all situated in economically vibrant Zhejiang province with aggregate installed capacity of approximately 458 MW.

The Group’s natural gas-fired power plants are in line with the policies of the Chinese Government pertaining to encouraging the use of clean energy. As compared to the coal-fired plants, the Group’s natural gas-fired power plants produce only small amounts of nitrogen oxide with less noise and carbon dioxide emissions. In addition, the natural gas-fired power plants of the Group are in kind of combined cycle gas turbine plants, which possess higher power generating efficiency. Under the same level of installed capacity, the thermal efficiency of combined cycle gas-turbine power plants is on average approximately 8-10% better than the coal-fired plants.

With the continuous growth of economy in China and the policy support from the Chinese Government, the pace of the construction and technological innovation of clean energy projects is accelerating. Leveraging the understanding of the clean energy in China by the management of the Group and their extensive experience in the power industry, the Group will seize every opportunity to expand its business and enhancing its profits to reward the supports from its shareholders. Meanwhile, the Group will actively promote the development of clean energy in China, and making solid contributions to the long-term and sustainable development of the industry.